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Benefit Auto Trim & Restyling REPAIRS

Benefit Auto can fix / repair almost anything you bring us!

Benefit Auto Trim & Restyling is not only committed to providing you with the highest quality professionally installed equipment, we also service and repair everything from a simple tear in a seat, to installing a new convertible top. Whether you need something from the aftermarket or from the original manufacture... we have you covered!


If it is broken, Our Team can FIX IT!

  • Cloth Seat Repairs (burn holes, wear spots, rips, seam unstitching, foam disintegration)

  • Leather Seat Repairs (tears, burn holes, wear spots, rips, seam unstitching, foam disintegration)

  • Headliner Re-skins & Replacements (burn holes, wear spots, rips)

  • Factory & Aftermarket Sunroof (leaks, dead motors, broken glass, broken track assembly)

  • Convertible Top Repair & Replacement (rips, broken glass)

  • Simulated Convertible Top Repairs & Re-skins

  • Carpet Repairs & Replacements (burn holes, wear spots, rips, seam unstitching)

  • 12Volt Diagnostics (battery drains, alarm/remote start repair, video system repair)

Here is an example of common repair services that are sent to us:


Don't see an example listed?

That does not mean we can't fix it! After all, this is just a website. Give us a call or stop in and let us help you.

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